About Us

Michael & Carol

Two Travellers

Michael and Carol, who are cousins, co-founded Salt House Properties almost 10 years ago to offer affordable vacation homes. 

Michael is Canadian and loves to experience other cultures and geographies. He is a retired IT consultant who spends his time between Italy, France, the US, and Canada. He is a frequent traveller who speaks English, French, German and is learning Italian. 

Carol is British and now lives in the south of France, travelling extensively whenever she gets the chance. She has many years’ of experience of holiday property management and interior design and speaks several languages to varying degrees. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – we have high standards when we travel and endeavour to provide the same to our guests at an affordable price. Any excess profit is turned around and used to upgrade our properties to enhance our guests’ stay. 

We created ‘Salt House Properties’ to provide us with vacation rentals in places we like to visit.  We will not stay in a vacation property unless it meets our quality standards.  If we will not stay in our own properties, how do we expect our guests to enjoy them?

Please take a look and enjoy booking your vacation without the hassle and high-cost of the booking applications.

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Todi Panorama

Our Values

  • Continuous Improvement: We listen to our guests, making adjustments and improvements based on our guest’s recommendations.
  • Excellence: We pride ourselves to provide our guests the best we can.
  • Friendliness: We treat our colleagues and guests as friends because they are.
  • Have Fun: We enjoy what we do for our guests and for ourselves.
  • Inclusivity: Nobody is left out or left behind.
  • Learning and Development: There is always more to learn, which will help us grow.
  • Passion: We got into this business because of our passion to provide high quality and affordable vacation rentals.
  • Quality: Our work is of the highest quality to attract repeat guests.
  • Respect: All people deserve respect.